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  • Tibetan Community Center for monthly prayer programs

    Tibetan dZi Beads


    Latest Tibetan dZi Beads - Updated Yearly
    Greetings and Tashi Delek and Happy New Year to you all

    We're very excited to announce the upcoming dZi beads, programs and events at the in every month of the year.

    (*All Sales are held at Yain.Com unless otherwise indicated.)

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  • Blessing of health & wealth with Thai amulet rental

    Rental Of Thai Buddha Amulets

    Daily, 2014

    Every sacred Thai amulet is uniquely fated to its owner. When you are ready to rent your amulet, it will bring you to our site. There are hundreds of selection amulets where you will be drawn to the one which is meant for your possession.

    The mystic power of each amulet will assist you with your career, business, health, relationship, wealth & fortune through your life. With faith & your prayer will be answered by overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

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  • Photography with DSLR camera

    Feng Shui Art Of Placement

    Daily, since 2004

    Are you interested in Feng Shui? It can be an interesting hobby where you can capture the cures of each moment of your life. It is always interesting to bring your future when you plan how to change your course to better living.

    You can equip yourself with the right cures that is suitable for yourself. There are many choices of path but then you can get your plans of building your future. It is good to browse this site and find one suitable for yourself.

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